Kundli for Windows

Kundli for Windows 4.5

Displays astrological calculations and predictions

Creates charts and makes calculations based on Indian astrology. Takes into account your birth date an the current position of the planets and stars to predict future events.

Kundli for Windows is an astrology software with support for Indian Charting.
Main Features:
-Windows Compatibility
-Good Presentation
-Most Accurate Calculations
-Screen Preview
-Storage of horsocopes and modules for future references
-South/North Indian Charting
-Aynamsa N.C. Lahiri/ K.P. / B.V. Raman
-Latitude and Logitude databases, Time Zones database
-Company Name, Address Phone No. and Background Option

Review summary


  • The all new look with Calendar in birth-date tab,
  • PDF ,BMP and JPEG save option for mailing and personal viewing


  • The demo link from the official site is no longer available
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